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Submission for Local Authors & Illustrators

For any local author and illustrator interested in featuring their book on our website, or in our store please read the following:

First and foremost, we're so excited your book is written, published, and out in the world for readers to enjoy! Please keep in mind we are a small independent bookstore, and do not have shelf room for every single book, as much as we wish we could, so we do have to be selective if it's the right fit for Second Star to the Right bookstore, and our customers.

Please note that not all books can be listed on our website. We can only list what our distributor has in stock.

Fill out the form below, but please read the following before you do. All required fields must be submitted in order for consideration. This form is for Colorado authors and illustrators only. We cannot buy from Amazon, as they are the main competitor for Independent Bookstores, and are putting these small businesses out of business. We do not take books on consignment. We can only purchase books through Ingram, with the standard industry discount, and through primary publishers and most of their imprints.

We will contact you if we are interested in carrying your book. If you haven't heard from us after two weeks, we have decided to not carry your book. Phone calls, social media DMs, and emails to the store for consideration will not be accepted. Please do not drop-off your book at our store, we will not be responsible for books left at the store.

If your book is selected, we can only house one copy in the store at a time because of our limited space. We will not be primarily responsible for promoting your book, and cannot guarantee it is a featured display, or boosted on our social media platforms.
Are you the...?
 If Applicable, If Not Put "N/A."
Please keep in mind we are primarily a Children's Bookstore, with a small section for Adult Books.
You may still submit a book geared towards adults, but our main audience is ages 0 to 16.
For example: book in shop, book on website, storytime, book launch party, spot at our farmer's market booth, etc...
By checking this box, I acknowledge my book may not be selected to be shelved, or on the website of Second Star to the Right bookstore in Denver, Colorado.

I acknowledge that Second Star to the Right bookstore will contact me if they want to carry my book. And my book may not be considered if I drop off my book, call, send social media DMs, or email the store to ask on the status of my submission form.

I acknowledge to not drop off my book at the bookstore. If I do drop off my book, it is not Second Star to the Right bookstore's responsibility to keep track of the book, and there is the possibility of it not getting returned to me.

I acknowledge that I have the rights to be submitting this book for consideration to be at Second Star to the Right.
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