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The Flock (Somos8)

The Flock (Somos8)

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Publication Date: April 4th, 2023
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Being part of a flock
is easy, you just have to do what the others do. But when Sheep Four decides
not to follow the others, how will Mike, the boy counting sheep, get to sleep?

Being a sheep is easy. All they have to do is graze, snooze and help people fall asleep now and again. Every person is assigned their own personal flock... The drill is always the same, first Sheep one jumps over the fence, then Sheep two followed by Sheep three and so forth.When a little boy called Mike can't sleep one night, he stars to count his personal flock.. Sheep One, Sheep Two, Sheep Three... but then something strange happens... Sheep four doesn't want to jump How will Mike be able to get to sleep now?

About the Author

Margarita del Mazo is a writer and storyteller who is greatly admired in Spain. She has almost twenty books to her name, many of which have been translated into other languages. Among them are the bestsellers Camuñas and The Flock, winning the Madrid Booksellers Guild Award and the Miami Cuatrogatos Foundation Award for best illustrated children's book.Guridi is an artist from Sevilla (Spain). Since 1995, he's worked and experimented professionally almost every aspect of design, image and advertisement. 
He's published over seventy books.
His work is highly valued in Spain, while also being recognized abroad. His books have been published in USA, France, Germany, Italy, Libano...
 He currently combines his work as teacher with his career as a children's book illustrator.