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An Accidental Hero: A Mostly True Wombat Story

An Accidental Hero: A Mostly True Wombat Story

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Publication Date: May 15th, 2024
Eifrig Publishing
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When Wombat sees the bushfires raging out of control, she learns that helping those in need of sanctuary in a time of crises provides unexpected rewards. This STEM picture book, written as a newscast, was inspired by true events during the fires that spread through New South Wales in 2019/2020.

This story was inspired by rescuers who discovered animals sheltering with wombats in their underground burrows. These animals had lost their own homes and needed to escape the heat and smoke during the 2019-2020 bushfires in New South Wales, Australia.

Scientists warn that as climate change continues to increase, the intensity of devastating natural disasters from fires to floods will impact everyone. In my home state of Colorado, over 1,000 homes were lost to fire on December 30, 2021, due to unprecedented drought and high winds. Fire season is now 365 days a year.

In An Accidental Hero, I wanted to share how kindness and offering sanctuary to those in need brings hope to the larger community in the face of tragedy. My hope as you read this book is that you'll be inspired to show kindness when given the opportunity. Laura Roettiger