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Between Words: A Friendship Tale

Between Words: A Friendship Tale

Current price: $18.99
Publication Date: May 21st, 2024
Orchard Books
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You don't always need words to make a friendship bloom. A touching ode to connection and belonging by debut picture book author-illustrator, Saki Tanaka.

Kai is used to following the seasons with Pa, from place to new place where people speak languages unfamiliar to his ears. When they finally settle in a valley full of pools, Kai tries to invite the other children to join in his play, but the strangeness of his words drives them away. Frustrated, he kicks his most treasured stone into one of the pools and in his search for it, finds something even more valuable.

Dive into a whimsical tale of unexpected friendship, told with compassion and warmth. With every brushstroke, Saki Tanaka paints a radiant world where bonds are formed beyond language barriers.

About the Author

Saki Tanaka is a Mexican-Japanese author-illustrator who grew up in different parts of the world. This transient upbringing made her foster friendships without a common language in imaginative ways; through gestured games, mimed plays, and drawings that transcended words and worlds to give her a sense of belonging. You can now find Saki in Denver, Colorado, inspired by aspen-inhabited mountains and vaporwave skies. When she's not painting new portals to magical realms, she's connecting with other dreamers through a shared affinity for synchronicities, tear-inducing guffaws, and spontaneous dance parties. She'd love to hear how you spark connections with kindred spirits. Visit her at and let her know!

Praise for Between Words: A Friendship Tale

Through powerful visual storytelling, this exquisite tale makes clear that words aren’t necessary to develop a truly lasting bond... A pitch-perfect tale for shy friend-makers everywhere. -- Kirkus Reviews