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Old Mother Hubbard (Jane Cabrera's Story Time)

Old Mother Hubbard (Jane Cabrera's Story Time)

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Publication Date: April 27th, 2020
Holiday House
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Old Mother Hubbard's poor dog just wants a bone. What he gets instead is even better!

Old Mother Hubbard sets off on a shopping spree to buy her hungry dog some shoes, a wig, a coat - everything but the bone he craves. This could take a while. But with Mother out and about, the dog can't just sit still. Not when he can ride a goat or wash the cat or dance a jig.

Mother Hubbard and dog's escapades get sillier and sillier with each new trip, until finally they both find what they're looking for. Any dog-loving child will appreciate the depiction of an excited dog who just can't wait.

Jane Cabrera's Story Time celebrates children's best-loved read along nursery rhymes and songs. These interactive favorites are given a new twist by award-winning artist Jane Cabrera and feature her bold, bright, kid-friendly illustrations. Other titles in the series include Ten in the Bed, Wheels on the Bus, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

About the Author

Jane Cabrera is a designer and fine artist, as well as the author and illustrator of almost 60 books for children. She specializes in fresh reimaginings of nursery rhymes and fairy tales; Publishers Weekly has said "her style exudes the joy of creation." She lives in England.

Praise for Old Mother Hubbard (Jane Cabrera's Story Time)

"The old nursery rhyme reaches new heights of nonsense in Cabrera's bright, energetic double-page pictures. . . . the chanting rhymes and exuberant illustrations make a great read-aloud for young preschoolers."—Booklist
"Cabrera's candy-colored paintings are divertingly droll."—The Bulletin
"Ex-toddlers will eat this up."—Kirkus Reviews